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Bio-Defense Preparedness Kit

Bio-Defense Preparedness Kit

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Homeopathic Bio-Defense Kit

Dr. Clark Hansen has developed a set of six Homeopathic Biological Defense formulas to enhance your family’s protection from Biological Weapons attacks. These homeopathic medicines are considered OTC drugs by the FDA. They are homeopathic remedies made from natural substances. They are proven by classical homeopathic provings to provide effective relief for symptoms of the matched diseases listed. 

The Homeopathic Bio-Defense Kit includes specific formulas against each of the 6 Category-A Biological Weapons: Anthrax, Botulism, Hemorrhagic Fever (Ebola) the Plague, Smallpox and Tularemia.

This Homeopathic Bio-Defense Kit is a rare commodity. Only 24 kits remain that include all of  the original ingredients formulated by Dr. Hansen. Unfortunately, several of the original ingredients that are part of these formulations are no longer available.

These bio-defense remedies can be taken in the early stage of exposure to these bio-weapons to boost an immune response against them. They can also be taken to provide relief of matched symptoms of the listed biological agents.

In selling the last of these Bio-Defense Kits, Dr. Hansen hopes to create an awareness of the threat of Biological Weapons and the knowledge of the use of homeopathic medicines to counter these and other possible bio-weapons that could become the next pandemic. Once these kits are gone, the canot be replaced, but you may purchase most of the individual homeopathic remedies found in Dr. Hansen's original formulas. Dr. Hansen's newest kit, the "Homeopathic Vital Protection Kit" includes 30 individual homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat hundreds of symptomatic conditions. This kit includes most (11 out of 15) of the original homeopathic remedies used in the original Bio-Defense Preparedness formulas. This kit can be used to counter hundreds of different diseases including the six Category-A, High Priority, Biological Agents. 


The Homeopathic Bio-Defense Prepareeness Kit
Current Price $499.00 as a kit.
One Kit contains an adequate supply to treat an exposure for a family of 4 for 21 days. Each kit contains 6 homeopathic formulas.



 In October  2001, less than one month after 911, Biological-Weapons grade Anthrax laced letters began to be delivered and opened by unsuspecting Americans. Billions of Anthrax spores could be mailed in a regular envelope and it only takes 8000 spores of weapons grade Anthrax to kill an adult. Twenty-two Americans were targeted and 5 died upon inhaling the dust emitted from those envelopes.  

The deployment of Anthrax laced envelopes in the US made me realize how big a threat Biological Weapons really are. Suddenly I felt an urgent prompting to research, find and formulate homeopathic counter measures that I could give to my family and prescribe for my patients in in case of future Anthrax or other Biological Weapon attacks. 


The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has classified six biological agents as 'Category A-High Priority' Biological Weapons that pose the most likely threat. These include: Anthrax, Smallpox, Plague, Hemorrhagic Fever (e.g. Ebola Virus), Botulism and Tularemia.

Biological weapons laboratories in the former Soviet Union are known to have produced and stockpiled the Plague (“Black Death”), Anthrax, Ebola Virus and powdered Smallpox. (Never less than twenty tons of weapons-grade dry smallpox was stockpiled in bunkers.) It was quite possible that when the Russian bio-warfare facilities fell on hard times and biologists began leaving Russia to work for other countries, or rogue governments, these mercenary biologists likely carried vials of these biological agents with them in their pockets. It is believed that Iran, Iraq, Libya, probably Syria, and North Korea have biological weapons.

CDC 'Category A-High Priority' Biological Agents

Anthrax (A). Weapons grade anthrax powder results in an infection that spreads a lethal toxin, which can rapidly cause respiratory distress, tissue destruction and death. Billions of spores can be mailed in an envelope and it takes less than 1/100th of a Billion (approximately only 8000 spores) of weapons grade anthrax to kill an adult. Scattered over a large city from a light aircraft, 110 pounds of anthrax spores could cause 250,000 cases and 100,000 deaths.

Homeopathic Similars: Anthracinum, Baptisia, Bothrops, Carbo-veg. (Anthracinum is made from the toxins of the anthrax bacillus at a dilution of 10–30. This homeopathic dose is so dilute that there is no elemental amount of Anthrax or its toxin remaining in the medicine, only the electromagnetic frequency that stimulates the positive counter response.)

• Botulinum toxin (B) is the single most poisonous substance known. It is produced by a bacterium that could be spread through the air or in deliberately contaminated food. The botulism toxin causes paralysis. Respiratory failure caused by weakness in the muscles that control breathing could cause death in up to 7% of infected individuals. Antibiotics have not been shown to be beneficial. Treatment includes botulinus antitoxin and supportive therapy.
Homeopathic Similars: Botulinum, Baryta carbonicum, Gelsemium

• Hemorrhagic (H) Fever (Ebola Virus)  is a highly contagious and deadly disease. There is no known conventional medical treatment for this disorder. The fatality rate is as high as 90%. It causes a high fever and bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth and every other opening of the body. Death results from rapid destruction of internal tissues, loss of blood that does not clot and septicemic shock. In late 1990, Biopreparat researchers tested airborne Maarburg Variant U. They found that just one to five microscopic particles of Variant U lodged in the lungs of a monkey were almost guaranteed to make the animal crash, bleed, and die.
Homeopathic Similars: Crotalus horridus, Arnica montana, Mercurius cyanatus

• The Plague (P) is deadly and gruesome disease to watch. The infected abruptly develop a high fever with delirium, swollen lymph nodes and frothy, bloody sputum. It is spread from person to person by coughing, sneezing, or simply talking. The death rate was 90% during the great epidemics. From the time of infection to death was less than one week. If the public health system and hospital infrastructure recognize in an epidemic quickly enough, prompt treatment with antibiotics can reduce mortality to 5%.
Homeopathic Similars: Belladonna, Mercurius sol, Phosphorus, Ignatia

 • Smallpox (S) is a virus that spreads rapidly and is virtually untreatable once symptoms appear. Mortality rate is about 30%. It produces a hideous rash and would likely cause widespread panic and permanent scars in those who survive. William Broad, author of Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret, has said, “Without doubt, the thing that scares me most is smallpox. It doesn't take a drop; it just takes a few germs. Once a person is infected, it spreads like wildfire. It's highly contagious.” Smallpox was declared eradicated in 1980 and smallpox vaccines have not been administered routinely since 1972. Vaccine immunity is not permanent and only lasts a maximum of 20-30 years. Therefore, only those living before 1972 who got a natural smallpox infection would have any immunity to smallpox. This is a very small number of the world’s population. It is feared because it is extremely contagious and will kill 30% of the population, or perhaps as much as 50-60% of population if the NIH or other bioweapons lab genetically alters the virus with modern gene spicing techniques through gain of function research as occurred with SARS-CoV2.
Homeopathic Similars: Variolinum, Sarracenia, Thuja, Antimonium tart

• Tularemia (T)  is contracted easily upon exposure, but person-to-person spread has not been documented. It could be spread in an aerosol cloud causing a severe flu-like illness from which it can take months to fully recover. It is fatal in about 5% of untreated cases and less than 1% of cases treated with antibiotics. The release of a 110-pounds of Tularemia over a city of 2 million people would cause an estimated 19,000 deaths.
Homeopathic Similars: Arsenicum album, Phosphorus, Cinchona officinalis, Bryonia


What treatment is available for these biological agents?

An anthrax vaccine was created by Big Pharma, which was administered to US Service men and women against Anthrax, but it was associated with significant side effects. Antibiotics can treat an Anthrax infection only if given early, but antibiotics cannot inactivate the lethal toxin it produces. However, DHEA and Melatonin have both been found to block the toxin TNF-alpha, so keep these on had along with Doxycyline and initiate treatment as soon as possible within the first 48 hours.

The U.S. government has stock piles of enough Smallpox vaccine to vaccinate every man woman and child in the United States, but in order for the vaccine to prevent an infection, it must be given within 2-3 days of an exposure. Antibiotics are not effective in treating Smallpox.

There is no vaccine for the Plague. Early antibiotic treatment is essential. Without it most people die. Several antibiotics are effective, including streptomycin, tetracycline, and Doxycycline.  Oxygen, intravenous fluids with IV Vitamin C and Hydrocortisone, and respiratory support, but not intubation, are additional life-saving treatments. Patients with pneumonic plague are strictly isolated from other patients. People who have had contact with anyone infected by pneumonic plague are observed closely and are given antibiotics as a preventive measure. Antibiotic treatment for 7 days will protect persons who have been exposed to Yersinia through face-to-face contact with infected patients.

There is a vaccine for Hemorrhagic Fever, which was abandoned dut to its ineffectiveness. and there are no drugs to treat it either. Treatment currently consists of preventing shock and providing supportive care.  With or without prompt care, the prognosis is poor and there is a high fatality rate for this disorder (30% for Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever to as high as 90% for Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever). Supportive measures for shock and intravenous fluids will be paramount. Dr. Hansen recommends the administration of IV Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Hydrocortisone, similar to the life-saving protocol of Frontline Critical Care Alliance (FLCCA), founded by dr. Paul Marik, MD and Pierre Kory, MD. 

Prompt treatment of Botulism with antitoxin significantly reduces the risk of death. Most patients eventually recover after weeks to months of supportive care. A supply of antitoxin against botulism is maintained by CDC. However, the antitoxin is effective in reducing the severity of symptoms only if administered early in the course of the disease. Antibiotics are often given, but have not been shown to be beneficial.

Antibiotics, including Doxycycline, are effective for Tularemia. However, if antibiotic therapy is not started early, the disease is often fatal. 

What Can You Do To Protect Your Family?

In the event that any one of these biological agents are deployed in the United States, your health may be at risk. In the early stages of exposure or infection, it will be critical to have access to at home emergency measures that you can administer to exposed family members. You will want to give early immune and symptomatic matching supportive therapy.  whether you have been infected with Anthrax, Smallpox, the Plague, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever, Tularemia, or the Flu.

Therefore, Dr. Hansen has developed a set of six Homeopathic Biological Defense formulas to give your family a biological defensive edge. These homeopathic medicines are OTC (over-the-counter) drugs made from natural substances, which are intended for the relief of symptoms. These homeopathic remedies can be used safely to provide relief to family exposed or infected by of the six CDC ‘Category A’ Biological Agents.

These products are NOT intended to replace other known safe and effective treatments for these biological weapons, nor as a substitute for specific, individual, medical care by a trusted and competent physician.

The Homeopathic Biological Defense Remedies are designed to be taken in addition to any safe and effective medical therapy that may be available for the treatment of these  biological agents or those with similar symptoms. In the case of Anthrax, the Plague and Tularemia, antibiotics are available and should be taken as soon as possible after exposure. Dr. Hansen recommends keeping a supply of Doxycycline an hand as it is known to be safe and effective in treating these three infections. However, in the case of Smallpox, Viral Hemorrhagic Fever and Botulism, there are no antibiotics or vaccines currently available. 

The Homeopathic Biological Defense Remedies can be taken in advance at the earliest warning of release of any of these biological weapons, to boost host defenses in the early stage of exposure. Furthermore, they can be taken in addition to any other safe and effective medical treatment to provide relief or resolution of signs and sympotms of these biological agents. For this reason Dr. Hansen recommends that everyone prepare by getting and keeping a Bio-Defense Preparedness Kit on hand at home.

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